Parish Team

Priest: Revd. Fr Francis Eyo, MSP (Parish Priest)

Revd. Fr Joseph Etim, MSP (Priest in residence)

Deacon: Rev. Alan Bond


Sisters of Christian Instruction
and Faithful Companions of Jesus

Parish Priests

020 7639 3724
Please note that these emails go direct to the Parish Priest.
Please use this email address if the message is of a personal nature only.

Parish Secretary

020 7639 3724
Please direct all emails to the priests via the Parish Secretary


020 7639 3724  

Please register by obtaining a form from the hallway
or the office during office hours
see separate page for details of Baptisms

First Holy Communion

Benedicta oversees the preparation classes
020 7639 3724

Cubs and Scouts

David Smith
020 7639 9465 / 07540 289125

Hire Hall

David Smith – 07540 289125
OR: 020 7639 3724, 07737 457247
see separate page for full details of Hall Hire

Knights of St. Columba

07834 117 416